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Xiaoxing Hu
me choking the room with force

I write down my thoughts here at huxiaoxing.com. I think about Programming, Emacs, Productivity and other nerdy stuff. 9 to 5, Mon to Fri. I automate away human jobs to save money for big cooperates. In exchange of a steady income to keep my family alive.

I found org-mode years ago, it is good. But it's trapped inside Emacs. I would like to use it in more places, so I built orgajs to use it on the web, or to be part of it[1]. In fact I like it enough so that I would like org-mode on all of my devices, iPhone, iPad etc. Naturally, not satisfied with existing org-mode apps, I am building one.

I watch football ... that's a lie. I play video games for fun. Sinking time in technologies that excite me.


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