Xiaoxing's Notes

Finally Dipping my Toes in Swift

August 14, 2016
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Swift is getting there. The language is maturing by day. The community is
incredible. With version 3 coming, I think it is time to dip my toes in it.

The Experience

The language feels extremely elegant in my opinion. I agree most of the decisions made by the designer of the language. Which makes it very easy for me to learn. Took me an hour to get the big picture through [[https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2016/404/][Getting Started with Swift - WWDC 2016]], which by the way, is a good starting point for anyone with background of other programming languages. And roughly another hour to play with it in Xcode. Then I started to write real code.

Dependency Manager

A good dependency management system is essential for any project. After digging around, I found that cocoapods is the established solution for that. However, I found Carthage/Carthage is the new black now. Also personally I like Carthage's design philosophy better. I followed [[https://robots.thoughtbot.com/creating-your-first-ios-framework#writing-the-implementation][Creating your first iOS Framework]] from thoughtbot to setup my own framework project.

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