Xiaoxing's Notes

Detail Matters

Whenever some friends who just converted to Mac from Windows ask me questions like: Where is the start menu? How to I open "my computer"? Hey, I downloaded the app, I double clicked it, and it just open, how do I install it? I feel sorry for them. It is just so sad.

Recently I got into debate with one of my colleague, about a minor design difference between Windows and OS X. On Windows, you can right click anywhere, desktop, or a folder within file explorer, and select "new file" in the menu to create a text file, then you can give it a name, then you got an empty file with 0 bytes. Then you can double click to open it with a text editor start working on it. You can't do it on OS X. It sounds like a good feature, or at least a convenient shortcut to quickly create a file. But really think about it, what do you need an empty file for? Your next action after you created the file is always going to be opening it with a text editor. So let's count: find the place -> right click -> left click on new file -> type in file name -> hit enter to confirm -> double click the file (assuming you have the right file type association, otherwise you have to: right click the file -> open with -> sublime text). So at least 6 steps to create and open an empty file in a particular place. Yeah! What about: open the text editor -> start typing -> save with name and location. So 3 steps to create a file and write the content into it and save it in a particular place. So I would take that menu option out if I was making the decision.